EXO ARNVIND is looking for EXO Partners.

EXO ARNVIND is the world's first shared economy headhunting company.

At EXO you can make money on your personal network by simply sending us your best suggestion for a candidates for a given job.

The recommended candidates will not know your identity, unless you inform them yourself, but for ethical reasons you can not point to people in your current company !

At EXO you can also make more money regularly by taking a broader role in your specific technology area of expertice – an EXO Partner.

The tasks of an EXO Partner is to take responsibility for sourcing high quality candidates in your location using your special network, and expertice.

Submit your application here to be an EXO Partner and start making money regularly on your skills and network right now.

We look forward to working with you!


EXO takes Search into the future of social networking, where thousands of our EXO Partners and their networks are shared world-wide – to help our customers find the exact candidates they are looking for.

EXO’s highly qualified and sector specific management consultants assures that top quality candidates are delivered according to our customers specific needs.

EXO ARNVIND - The World's First Shared Economy Headhunting