EXO ARNVIND is looking for a Functional Solution Architect for Dynamics BC/NAV LS Retail for our customer: the world's largest independent Microsoft vendor. An exciting career opportunity both locally and globally.


You could be a Functional Solution Architect Dynamics BC/NAV employed by a Microsoft partner, or an end-customer as solution responsible/Functional Solution Architect.

You have a documented track record of implementing MS BC solutions utilizing the full scope of functionality.

Key competencies

  • Has knowledge of all parts of the Business Central solution
  • Excellent overview of Microsoft Product Portfolio, in particular, the Dynamics Ecosystem
  • Insight (and preferable implementation experience) with relevant 3rd party products for LS Retail
  • Understands Retail including their end to end process flows and common pain points
  • Analytical on strategic, tactical, and operational levels with the ability to find balanced trade-offs between business models and technology constraints
  • Excellent communication skills

Personal qualifications

      • Keen on driving and motivating the team to implement good customer projects. Driven to deliver a great customer experience
      • Naturally takes on responsibility
      • Driven by best utilization of the Microsoft stack. Curious to stay up to date with technology innovations and marry them to business opportunities
      • As a professional you know the importance of reusing and aligning solutions and delivery practices to ensure the best possible quality and ensuring competitiveness
      • As a person, you appreciate participating in identifying and deciding on best practices on solutions and delivery methodology.
      • When you implement you are loyal to the best practice decisions and tools supporting the flow from making proposals for projects to delivering. You leverage your experience to enhance/optimize best practices if you see the need for improvements
      • As a person, you are open, helpful, and a good communicator.
      • You are self-driving and passionate about taking responsibility for deliveries and budgets together with the Project Manager and the team.

      Daily tasks

      • Preparing and executing Presale including Demos
      • Coordination, planning, and follow-up on deliveries, budget, and capacity together with Project Managers.
      • Conducting Analysis workshops with customers
      • Support other workshops with conducting co-workers
      • Align solution architecture to customer business and IT strategies
      • Identify opportunities to increase customer solution value and propose projects to realize business benefits
      • Conducting documentation of Requirements and Design Specifications
      • Fit/gap analysis and documentation
      • Designing and presenting solution overviews
      • Review and challenge / validate solution requirements and design documentation from co-workers
      • Mentor and train colleagues to develop competencies and skills. Maintain communication with key vendors (eg. ISV´s, Microsoft) to secure insights into product development and access to expert support
      • Ensuring own time reporting for billing and ETC before deadlines
      • Taskforce work on challenged deliverables

        About our customer:
      • A very skilled organisation towards D365 Cloud e.g. Azure, Power Platform, and delivering AMS for D365 cloud.
        • Successful with respect to the Retail focus.
        • Long-term relationships with BC customers and a good part of them on the new BC versions.
        • Approx. 100 NAV/BC specialists and many more D365 specialists. Industry-focused based on Business Process Modeling, vertical organizational split, and Vertical Industry Leads which is a possible next-level role. A big share of young people, enthusiastic and talented.

        The future business vision/guiding principle of the department is building up a new organization and skills centered on BC using companies delivering Retail specific D365 cloud-based solutions across BizzApps supported Azure functionality and tools using BPM and DevOps when delivering Solutions.

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